Students welfare Association(SWA)

Students welfare Association is council of representatives of all the classes selected or elected on the basis of the merit-cum willingness and secretaries of different association of Literary, Fine arts, Sports and Games. Each Association is constituted with the student representatives of each and every classes. SWA plans and conducts different activities in addition to inauguration and concluding ceremonies ,Fine arts day, Literary day, Sports day, Educational tours, Seminars on different concepts and personality in the campus.

Parent Teachers Association

Parents Teachers Association has been constituted in the campus under the Chairmanship of the Principal .

Departmental Parishad

Teachers of the campus present a model Vakyartha before the students under the banner Departmental Parishad, which is being conducted periodically, wherein, the teacher presents aparticular Shastra concept followed by a discussion session. This paves the way for the students to develop the skill of Vakyartha-the essence of traditional Shastraic learning.

Sarasvati Parishad

Sarasvati Parishad is a literary club in the campus in which all the members of the faculty along with various scahorals and students, participate enthusiastically. This function pertains to the godess of Education i.e Sarasvati. Its meetings held periodically.

Sports Parishad

Sports Parishad is a games club of this Campus. It organizes Sports functions at the end of session every year. This function with various Games, Indoor Games and various races and Sport-Activities is celebrated enthusiastically. Prizes are given to the Champanions and winners are given in the end of the function.

Vagvardhini Parishad

Vagvardhini Parishad is a plateform for the Campus students for the all round development of their elocution capabilities. The forum is run by the students representatives under the guidance of the faculty members.



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